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Bingo Play RoundedIcon

Bingo Play  Portrait mode Bingo is here! Enjoy minimalist and enjoyable games of bingo with this easy-to-use app. Bingo Play does away with visual distractions and complex interfaces, so you can get on with your bingo games and have fun!


Bingo Call Whether you are running a bingo fundraiser, or enjoying family fun at home, Bingo Call makes the entire experience a pleasure. It works with all bingo cards, and calls numbers in many languages



Paint The FUNNIEST paint app. PERFECT for kids of all age. Very EASY to use, but with lot of EXITING functions. NEWS : NOW WITH CHARACTERS

   Line Art   It is Free       

Line Art combines music, art and science in one relaxing experience. Use all your fingers to guide the star flow. 




Squash    It is Free       

Take a break and try this funny game. 
Can you get 100 points ? 


Kids Paint


A fun and special paint app. PERFECT for kids of all age. 
Very EASY to use, but with lot of EXITING functions. 


Lotto with lucky numbers

Lotto! draws COLURFUL LORRERY BALLS for almost all lottery types. 


FIND THE GAME WHERE IT IS EASIEST TO WIN! You can see how easy/difficult it is to get the big win. The probability for getting from 0 to all correct numbers is shown for each game

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